Psalms and Pstuff

Matt Retz


Here is a list of all the Psalm settings I have composed.  The transcriptions are in various states of completeness but they all were complete enough to get us through at least one Mass.  I may add alternate keys at some point but for now at least I have everything in one place.



Demo Lead Sheet
Psalm 1 Blessed Are They Who Hope In the Lord
Psalm 15 He Who Does Justice
Psalm 16 You Are My Inheritance, O Lord
Psalm 17 Lord, When Your Glory Appears
Psalm 18 I Love You, Lord, My Strength
Psalm 19 The Precepts of the Lord
Psalm 23 I Shall Live in the House of the Lord
Psalm 24 Lord This Is The People
Psalm 24 Let the Lord Enter
Psalm 25

Your Ways O Lord

Remember Your Mercies, O Lord

Teach Me Your Ways, O Lord

Psalm 29 The Lord Will Bless His People
Psalm 30 I Will Praise You Lord
Psalm 31 Lord Be My Rock
Psalm 32 Lord Forgive the Wrong I've Done
Psalm 32 I TurnTo You, Lord
Psalm 33 Blessed the People
Psalm 33 Lord, Let Your Mercy Be On Us
Psalm 34 The Angel of the Lord
Psalm 40 Lord Come To My Aid
Psalm 41 Lord Heal My Soul
Psalm 46 The Waters of the River
Psalm 51 I Will Rise
Psalm 62 Rest In God Alone, My Soul
Psalm 65 The Seed That Falls on Good Ground
Psalm 67 O God, Let All the Nations Praise You
Psalm 68 God In Your Goodness
Psalm 69
Lord, In Your Great Love
Psalm 71 I Will Sing of Your Salvation

Psalm 78 The Lord Gave Them Bread from Heaven
Psalm 78

Do Not Forget the Works of the Lord

Psalm 80 Lord, Make Us Turn to You
Psalm 89 Forever I Will Sing
Psalm 90 Fill Us With Your Love O Lord
Psalm 92 Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks to You
Psalm 96

Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds

Give the Lord Glory and Honor

Psalm 97 The Lord is King
Psalm 98 The Lord Comes to Rule The Earth With Justice
Psalm 98

The Lord Has Revealed to the Nations His Saving Power

Psalm 107 Give Thanks to the Lord
Psalm 110 You Are A Priest Forever
Psalm 112 The Just Man is a Light
Psalm 113 Praise the Lord Who Lifts Up the Poor
Psalm 116 I Will Take the Cup
Psalm 116 I Will Walk Before the Lord
Psalm 117 Go Out to All the World

Psalm 118 The Stone Rejected
Psalm 119 Lord, I Love Your Commands
Psalm 119 Blessed Are They Who Follow the Law of the Lord
Psalm 121 Our Help is from the Lord
Psalm 123 Our Eyes Are Fixed on the Lord
Psalm 126 The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us
Psalm 128 May the Lord Bless Us
Psalm 128 Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord
Psalm 131 In You, Lord, I Have Found My Peace
Psalm 137 Let My Tounge Be Silenced
Psalm 138 In the Sight of the Angels
Psalm 138 Lord, Your Love is Eternal
Psalm 139 Wonderfully Made
Psalm 145 The Hand of the Lord Feeds Us
Psalm 146 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
Psalm 146 Praise the Lord My Soul
Psalm 147 Praise the Lord Who Heals the Brokenhearted

 Bonus Tracks:  (Not Psalms but religious songs I have written)


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